Survival - Masterchef Finalist

Missrepresent took to her Kool London show an interview with Survival.

DNBHQ have uploaded the interview, don't forget to check out

STEVE Kielty came runner up in the MasterChef 2017 competition after an enjoyable seven week series.

Having released a number of records under different names, Steve’s back catalogue is extensive and his most recent alias is as DJ Survival.

In a black and white clip uploaded in 2010 to music YouTube channel Organic Beats, Steve can be seen hanging out in London and chatting about his music.

He says: “I first started making music probably when I was about 13-years-old in 1991, 1992, something like that.

“My mum, I got left a bit of money from a grandparent and she let me buy a couple of synthesizers.”

Explaining how he got into DJing, the chef says: “I used to sit and listen to hardcore when I grew up.

“I had a really good record shop in Rayners Lane where I grew up, and I used to go down there and listen to the guys playing all the records and go back to my house and try and recreate that.”

He was strong contender throughout the competition but was pipped to the post by Saliha who won the final.

Check out the interview with Missrepresent below.