TC - Circle Of Fifths

Tom Casswell better known as TC had his debut album Evolution released on D Sytle recordings back in 2007 and has had a string of top 10 releases on Beatport since. Known for being a technically great DJ and also an amazing producer, we catch up with him on the latest news as his latest album "Cirlce Of Fifths" has landed.

Q1) Thank you for your time out, I know you are really busy. Your third album is out now on your label don't play. The press release says possibly last album? A)could be…

Q2)  "The Storm." Awesome track. The vocal sounds heavily processed with a vocoder, did you do the vocal? 
A) its actually robot singing no lie.

Q3) Ha, I need to meet this robot. What DAW are you producing on at the moment and have you always used it?
A) I use Ableton its so durp you can light it and call it kush!

Q4) Where is the sample of Time Travel from or is that a secret?
A) It came to me in a dream.

Q5) If you could time travel what year would you go to?
A) You know i’m pretty happy right in the here and now :)

Q6) Are you into science and technology, do you watch a lot of sci fi and if so, what films have you watched recently which you rate?
A) You know I’m not really a film guy I watch a few films over and over. There are alot of things I cherish as part of my process from youtube tho.

Q7) Doing an intro such as Time Travel where the intro gets faster is fairly tricky. Did you find it easy?
A) Just make it happen with the power of your mind.

Q8) Most people know you reside from Bristol, but just list a couple of favourite clubs there?
A) Motion and the 02 are the last of the really big places. Lakota and the Theka are awesome too. im sure there are many more spots but I am away most weekends on road.

Q9)How did the link up occur with Armanni Reign? 
A) Known him for years he is amazing! 

Q10) About To Go Down, another epic track with a great vocal. Most of your music contains vocals - do you think it helps it be more recognisable or is it because you're just awesome at working with vocals it's what you do as you enjoy it?
A) Me on the vocal for that one. I like to speak with more that just music.

Q11) UFO is one of the hardest tracks on the album, and you go in. One of my favourites. Did it take long to write and do you find more technical tracks take longer to write than more simplistic music such as Monster (which is also an awesome dancefloor track by the way) or does it vary?
A) About 4 days in total. Concept first. Then attack.

Q12) Do you still see much of Jakes? Deep was and is still such an awesome track, will we ever see a cheeky remix?
A) We are tight. Deep remix might be a vibe you never know.

Q13) Talking about remix's the AMC Tap Ho remix recently was brilliant. Great job he did there.... tell us about AMC a little, and are you ever daunted on letting people touch your music?
A) I gave away the parts to my last album. in no way do I have a problem with people remixing me. It is all art.

Q14) The album finishes up with "Wild Night Out" which has some wicked twists in the bassline. What are you using for your bassline work?
A) Mainly bass.

Q15) What do you think of the website?
A) Anything that supports DNB and this music in general is definitely alright by me.

Q16) What's up next for you music wise and what gigs can we see you at over Christmas and New Year?
A) Bump and Grind. next single. 1 month or so.

Q17) Thanks for your time. Any shouts and thanks?
A) Shouts to my family! oh yeah and there is a Spotify playlist to check out called #Iluvdrumandbass

Thanks for your time.... all the best for 2018 and beyond!!

Interview by Missrepresent October 2017

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