Dub Elements: Imagination / Dope [DEM Recordings]

Dub Elements: Imagination / Dope [DEM Recordings]

Release Date       January 15th 2018

Label                    DEM Recordings

Cat No                  DEM001

Dub Elements new label launch

Dem Recordings is a brand new imprint from Seville based heavyweight duo Dub Elements and with such a reputable name to springboard from 2018 is set to be their biggest yet. This year they’ve become one of the most intimidating names within the independent market, carving out a unique sound and offering quick-firing releases which have exploded across the drum & bass world. And their label DEM Recordings is looking to platform music of the same calibre, from a wide spectrum of artists; it’s looking to explode into fruition, especially with the label heads already receiving support from the game’s defining players, such as Viper, Shogun and Eatbrain.

However it’s not just the music which has pushed Dub Elements onto the agenda’s forefront. It’s also their chaotic mixing and cataclysmic science behind the decks at their events which have made them so formidable. As well as coming second in the best newcomer category at the Drum & Bass Arena Awards, with a total of three nominations throughout the ceremony, it’s not surprise that as artists their multi-faceted skill sets have been revered from the scene’s every corner. Forthcoming single ‘Imagination / Dope’ is a testament to this, presenting the type of musicality which have made Dub Elements such recognisable figures.

‘Imagination’ draws out on dancefloor lead beats, peddling quickly into play before dropping into all out anarchy. The track builds layer by layer, pulsing with heavyweight bass and subs which crash between each pumping segment It imposes a legacy for DEM Recordings and lets you know exactly what type of records will be forthcoming on the label. Prepare for another pedestal to cut in with their take on drum & bass.

Next comes ‘Dope’, a record which relays clacking percussive, metallic undertows and a bassline which ducks and dives between the mix. With a more minimal vibe, Dub Elements submerges you in their sound, before an antiquated drop pulls you in even further with a call-to-arms, distorted sample. Together, both tracks demonstrate what Dub Elements are preparing for. To enter the New Year with a production aptitude that is a signature of the pair, as well as a creative platform for them to release yet more music.