DJ Smoke

DJ Smoke

DJ Smoke is doing some great work in Birmingham, we have a quick chat to find out more.



Tell us where you hail from and how you got into dnb.
I’m from Birmingham and have lived here all my life. I first got into drum and bass when hearing it at a friends house party around 15 years old and went to HMV to buy my first DNB cd the next day.

Thanks for talking to us in these difficult times. COVID-19 seems to be affecting everyone globally right now, how has it been for you?
Not a problem thank you for the opportunity. The current pandemic has took its toll on everyone, for me it has been a bit harder financially but I’ve actually used the time to finally move into my first house and do the finishing touches which has been very useful but now I would like things to get back to normal as I’m sure we all do...

Tell us about music and growing up, how long you have been DJing?
Music has always been a big part of my life, when I  was younger I went to a lot of concerts and listened to a lot of rock music but what really got me into music was when I first saw dnb DJ’s at  a rave when I was around 16. The way they switched between songs and double dropped made me want to learn and I’ve never looked back since!  

Do you produce and if so, are you happy with your DAW, set up and studio monitors? What equipment have you got and what equipment would you love?
I do play around on Logic but nothing serious just for fun at the moment. I currently use Logic Pro X on an Imac with Waves Plugins, zeta, sylenth and serum for synths and KRK Rokit 6 monitors. Equipment I would love to have a bigger midi keyboard and some hardware but need to learn the software more before I spend more money on it....

Who are your top 5 producers and why do they inspire you?
In no particular order


Alix Perez
These 5 producers are very versatile in what they make and I find they don’t stick to one sub genre of DnB. This inspires me as I don’t like to play one style even though I mainly play minimal darker stuff I like to throw in some liquid and jump up.
Who would you most like to collaborate with and why?
If I could pick anyone I think it would be Hazard as his production levels are like no other in my eyes so I feel I would learn the most from him.

We love to hear feedback, what do you think of our website?
It’s a great place to keep up to date on everything DnB also an amazing platform for artists like myself to get more exposure.

 What are your plans for the next 3 months?
Well if you had asked me this before the pandemic the list would be of been a lot longer but honestly now I’m not sure.... My aim is to get more into the production and work on Smokin & Tokin Vol.2 which is a mix series from myself & Token Black. The first mix featured MC Bassman and currently has over 15,000 plays on soundcloud.

Your plans for the next 3 years?
My main aim for the next 3 years is to get our brand Ten Club Radio into bigger venues and work with more promoters. For myself I would love to be able to start performing abroad again.

If you could take one piece of music on a desert island, what would it be?
As it’s only one piece of music it would have to be Biggie Smalls - Hypnotize as that’s one so g I would never get bored of!

 Who do you think are the top 3 role models in dnb?
My personal top 3 role models are:

Andy C as he has taken DnB to places no one believed it could go.

Goldie as he created one of the greatest labels which has released some of the best music DnB has to offer.
Last but not least Nicky Blackmarket as he is such a helpful guy even though his been at the top of his game since the start he is always happy to help others and that means a lot to someone who’s trying to make their mark on the scene.
Which party will you be going to as soon as we are all off lockdown?
Ten club free party the first Thursday possible when we are allowed back into venues. After that I will have to see what’s on but I will be at everything I can as I’ve missed the raves so much!

Tell us your top 5 tracks that you are loving at the moment.
Need For Mirrors - Emoji Crash / Kings Of The Rollers - XXX / Cesco - Ping Pong / Jam Thieves- Mista Lava Lava / Sustance - Squirt

Who are your fav MCs?
Obviously my Partner in crime Token Black.
But also Bassman for crowd hype and Eksman for lyrical.
Any shouts and thanks?
Massive thanks to all my Ten Club partners Spink, Staple and Token.
Total Recall & Dialogue for getting me into the scene in the first place.
Every artist who has been on Ten Club Radio streams or events
Finally all the people who have been supporting over the years and continue to do so!
Thanks a lot for having me on look forward to seeing more great content from

Many thanks. All the best for 2020 and beyond!

Interview By Missrepresent - June 2020