JDNB Interview - Fabric8

JDNB Interview: Fabric8

JDNB Fabric8 Interview August 2021.

JDNB catches up with Fabric8, an up and coming producer who is weaving into the drum and bass scene with pulsating basslines, intense rhythms and haunting vocals. With releases on Formation Records and Future Formation, and a regular on the Leeds scene supporting DJ SS, Benny Page, Subzero, Bladerunner, Aries, and Kelvin 373 to name a few, we thought it was time to get to know more and see what is in store of the next phase for Fabric8....

Thanks for taking some time out to chat with JDNB! How are things going since the easing of covid restrictions and what are you looking forward to? 

Hey thank you for having me on for my first ever interview, I appreciate the opportunity! Yeah its all been a little bit crazy I won’t lie, having created Fabric8 during lockdown its been a very quiet start to life which has actually been really nice to be honest, its been mainly a making music period for me. I think the thing I’ve been looking forward to most is playing to crowds again and now with my own music, which is a first for me and I have been lucky enough already to do this playing at Local events in leeds, so a massive shout to Beaverworks for that with their amazing Gravity and Boombox events.

Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from?           

I'm Originally from a small town in the East Midlands called Spalding, which is actually where I first found my love for electronic music. Spalding is a very small place, where drum and bass wasn’t really a thing, so it wasn’t until I moved to Huddersfield in West Yorkshire that I really fell in love with the arts of drum and bass, dubstep, garage etc. But before all that it was more UK Top 40 so Oliver Heldens and Martin Garrix people along them lines.

How did you get into production, were there any particular influences which shaped your style? 

My route into production was completely by chance, when I left school I didn’t really know what I wanted to do so I picked something completely random and went into a Motor mechanics course, but my teacher could tell I completely hated it. He could tell I clearly had a passion for music but at the time I had no idea you could actually go to college and uni to learn how to make it. On my last day of college he handed me over an application he filled out for me to go do music in Boston the following year and I decided to take it. Unfortunately the course was 90% live music which is where I learnt to play the drums. So in a last ditch attempt to make music I applied for my level 3 in Huddersfield, which finally at the age of 19, is where I learnt how to use Logic and started my journey as a producer. It wasn’t really until I started going to raves that I started making dnb and from there I never really looked back!

You were formerly known as T.Why and produced with Conman as the duo Cemtek, how did you come about with the name Fabric8?

My first ever Alias was T.Why which is where I spent maybe 6-8 months making House music, despite being a dnb DJ, the only track I released under this name was actually a liquid dnb bootleg of Panic room by Au/Ra which was quite a big success now reaching over 100k Soundcloud plays. It was the first time I genuinely enjoyed making music so I teamed up with my older brother Conman, who’s now known as Quay, and we created the duo Cemtek. We made lots of music but we were both still very new to the whole thing and wasn’t very good but after many attempts, mainly failed ones, we finally managed to sign our very first track to Formation Records, which luckily got featured on DnB Arena.

After a year and a half of travelling the UK and playing shows in places like Barcelona and Bulgaria our taste in dnb eventually, and you could say inevitably, drifted in different directions. Despite it being the best couple of years of our lives we both agreed we would come back to Cemtek at some point in the future to go express our own musical talents in our solo work, leaving on an all time high with our debut Terms and Conditions EP Reaching the top 20 of the Juno Download charts. This birthed Fabricate which later got changed to Fabric8 due to someone already having the name Fabricate. I could sit here and find a way of joining the name into having a job as a fabricater or something cool haha but I genuinely just liked the idea of having a cool name, the meaning to Fabricate something means to create something from nothing which I felt was a cool little tie into creating music.

Your Phase Two release with Formation has been pulsing! With Hybrid Minds selecting "The End" for their Kiss FM show, tell us more on how you got involved with the label and the story behind your two part release.         

Thank you I appreciate that, Phase Two was a project I was really proud of, it was my way of stamping my new and improved sound into 4 tracks which I tried to express as many different emotions as I possibly could. Respectfully I’m aware that the music isn’t quite there yet and I’m also aware of the hill I have to climb to get to where I want to be, but I'm confident that I will get there. Having the likes of Hybrid Minds and Mollie Collins featuring my music on Kiss Fm was actually insane, I didn’t even find out my music was played by any of them until I was at work the next day and I just remember running up and down the factory with this insane feeling of joy having months and months of hard work actually paying off!

One of the surrealist moments has to be when Lee Mvtthews Played “Run” out in New Zealand at a Festival, I could never of imagined that music I made in my bedroom in Huddersfield would of made it so far round the world. But absolutely none of this would of been made possible with out DJ SS backing me and giving me the opportunity to release it on Formation Records, He saw potential in my music when no one else did and I’m extremely grateful for that. Im looking forward to show everyone what’s to come next, I like to make my EPs like mini albums so its time to focus on some singles for a bit I think!

So what was Phase One, and what do you have in store for the next phase for Fabric8?           

So Phase One represents all the music that I made during lockdown which is every tune before Phase Two. Theres no plans yet for my 3rd Ep as I normally put a lot of time and effort into making them, but this will of course come in the year of 2022 but it will be bigger and better than the last one I can promise that much. My next release however is going to be my biggest yet by far, the singles titled Diskotek and will be released later this year on Formation Records. You will be able to hear an early version of it in the mix I have done for you guys so be sure to check that out for an early insight.

Which producers would be your dream to co-produce with?         

It would be so hard to pick one, I think Halogenix would be my number one very closely followed by High Contrast. Despite me not making music anything like them they are by far the producers that I love the most. I'm inspired by so many different producers and styles of DnB and baseline at the minute, that the list would probably take me all day to write out, but collaborating with any of them would be a dream.

Tell us a bit about your studio set up, and what's your biggest tip for anyone looking to get into production?               

My studio set up is fairly simple, my proudest possession is by far my Mac which I bought off a guy who has only ever owned Apple products, so it was upgraded to high hell and thanks to my Dad being the best eBay bidder in the world I got it for way cheaper than I should of haha. I think my main tip for any new producers is to just have as much fun as possible and make as many mistakes as possible as that’s the fastest way to learn. When you want to get serious about production buy a note pad and watch as many videos on how to make music as possible and write it all down, its kind of a cheat code that no one will tell you, its how your brain processes information easier as that’s the way we are taught to learn from a young age. Nothing will happen over night the more time you spend on your craft the better you will become.

What do you do in your time outside of making music, any surprising hobbies or interests?     

Outside of work I don’t really do much else than music to be honest so I don’t have a massive amount of hobbies, I used to love football when I was younger but music kind of replaced my passion for that, I still try to watch my beloved Huddersfield FC when I can but in this day and age its practically impossible to get game footage of a poor performing Championship club haha.

What would you say you like most about the www.jungledrumandbass.co.uk website?                      

I think the best thing about JDNB is the way it helps people connect to the scene a little bit more, it allows people who maybe don’t have the time to follow everything that’s going on in the scene closely the chance to stay updated. I've always loved the interview concept as well, Its always a good read and its nice to know sometimes that these incredible producers you hear are just humans too haha.

It's been great chatting to you, where can we catch you DJing next and any shoutouts?     

I have quite a few local gigs in and around the Leeds area over the remaining part of the year, mostly dates to be confirmed but if anyones interested in seeing something I'm playing at always feel free to head over to my socials, as I keep it fairly updated. Thank you again for having me on I have really enjoyed it!

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Interviewed And Edited By: Emz
Published: 27/08/2021