JDNB Interview - Tom Bones

JDNB Interview - Tom Bones

In the vast nothingness of space, beyond what a human eye can see or mind can comprehend, there is a place where lower frequencies originate. Charging up energy from the mighty endless universe, Tom Bones has loaded these uplifting sounds into his speakers and is transmitting vibrations that cut straight through any armour and bring energy to your soul and body. 

JDNB talks with the artist who goes under the name of Tom Bones. He was born and was raised in Vilnius, Lithuania. Tom Bones draws inspiration from 90s dance and rave culture, combining the sounds of Drum and Bass, Jungle, Breakbeat, Bass, UK Garage, House and Techno and over the last year has released a few bangers that resonated within the scene.

Hi, thanks for chatting with us here at JDNB. How have you been coping with the Covid-19 Pandemic and what have you been doing to fill your time?
Hey, pleasure to speak with you! I have been trying to spend as much time outdoors and in the studio as I can. There are always temptations to procrastinate, but the rewards of winning the inner battles against oneself are pretty rewarding. I have loads of music that I made over the last year, so I'm looking forward to all the giggs coming back and playing all the new music.

Tell us a little about yourself and where you are from?
I think my first drum and bass track that I discovered was “King of the Beats” by DJ Aphrodite. I was like 11 or 12 years old at that time and I absolutely loved it. I've been a massive drum and bass and music fan in general since. This led to DJing, making music and helping other artists release their music too. I am originally from Vilnius, Lithuania where I started playing and making music myself.

How is the DnB scene out there?
The scene here is amazing! Vilnius is the place where you’d want to be if you are looking east from Berlin and where drum and bass and music is thriving. We still have some catching up to do compared to the western Europe, but there have been so many epic events and festivals here over the last 25+ years, since the mid 90s.

Any other Lithuanian artists we should be on the lookout for?
Mean Teeth are absolutely killing it at the moment, I am looking forward to their new music very much, check them out if you are into the harder/tougher sound of drum and bass.

Who are your biggest musical influences?
The Prodigy are my favorite band and the biggest influence by far. I was devastated to learn the news about Keith, but his and their music will live forever. It’s incredible how good that music is, and I’m sure it will still be good 50 years from now.

Aside from DnB, talk to us a little more about your other styles?
Aside from Jungle and Drum and Bass, I try to draw inspiration from Breakbeat and Big Beat tracks that were so prominent in the early 00s. Think of the adrenaline rush that these urgent tracks give you whilst you are driving or playing those legendary Need For Speed games. Also I’m very much into those uplifting house vibes that surrounded all of the rave culture back in the 90s. I try my best to innovate and create similar feelings in my music.

What would you say your biggest 3 musical achievements are so far?
I’d say playing a couple of events for crowds of around 1000 people, being able to live off music as a professional, and releasing my first solo album which is out now on all platforms!

What does your studio set up consist of, and what's your favourite plug in?
In terms of studios I think the acoustic environment is so important, which is what we’ve done at our studio that I’m in with a couple of my mates. If you are making drum and bass, you need a good subwoofer - I’m lucky to have two! Serum has been the most powerful and fun plugin for me to work with.

Tom's latest release WAITING is out on the 30th of June, tell us a bit more about the track?
The track is a very nice collaboration with a close friend of mine, Andrius Ruduks, who is a very skilled guitar player. We had a studio jam where he came up with this melody and I instantly knew it would work so well on a drum and bass beat. We’ve also collabed with Gemma Rose, who is a very talented singer, she wrote these epic lyrics for the track. The song is about delaying gratification for higher reward.

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Where do you draw inspiration for writing your music from?
I usually get inspired when I’m out there discovering new music. Whether I’m playing, travelling, attending events or just spending time with my family and friends, in nature, or working out listening to some dope tunes.

What are your goals for the next year?
I plan to release about 10 new tracks over the next year, so there will be loads of banging drum and bass coming out from Tom Bones. Watch this space! 

When you're not making music, what do you do to chill out and relax?
I love spending time in nature, with my family and friends and my dogs! Playing some video games too, especially Counter Strike or FIFA! Travelling has been a bit forgotten over the last year, but I love exploring different music, genres and cultures too.

What would you say you like most about the www.jungledrumandbass.co.uk website?
I like that you guys cover stories featuring up and coming drum and bass artists! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for talking with us! Lastly, any shoutouts or dedications?
It’s been a pleasure! Shouts out to my team, Papuga, AJ and Iwin in particular, who help me with all the work and processes that we have around making and releasing music! Also, much love to my fiancée who sometimes comes up with great ideas for my songs! And lastly, big up everyone reading, keep going, keep fighting and achieving your goals with some banging tunes setting your mood nicely throughout your journey!

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