2Whales - Chapito

2Whales - Chapito

Release Date: April 23rd, 2021

Label: High Resistance

Catalog: HIRE020

From the first seconds of the track, quacking pipes and shouts call you to the performance, a piercing synth along with a large timpani beat directly to the beat, consolidating the feelings of the coming celebration, and then he comes out, then puppeteer greets you and the devil's feast begins .the evil Reese basses, along with the stabs and the buzzing synths, just pounce on you like demons in your worst dream. meanwhile, The fauns are playing their pipes and leading the audience away to the interlude. Throughout the track, there is a brutal atmosphere that is emphasized by all the components.

After the intermission, the headliner's performance begins."Weak" A monster the size of a whale but with the head of a man flies under this bloody canopy. The tense, gloomy atmosphere enchants the synths. A truly furious action begins. The heavy drums together with the bass hit right on your head. stabs and synths put you in a trance. The final performance, putting a fat point in this show.

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