Ancient Technology [Gyro Records]

Ancient Technology [Gyro Records]

Release Date       14th October 2017

Label                    Gyro Records

Cat No                  GYRO002

On first listen to the Ancient Technology LP, it’s clear to see what Gyro Records set out to achieve. Their take on the darker, more futuristic side of drum & bass still appeals to its grassroots, however they boast a contemporary standard which is prevalent throughout every track added by its exciting roster of artists. Producers Audiomission Seyms and Subcriminal offer up their fresh sonic cuts for the LP, proving how entrenched they are within the ancient knowledge, technology and wisdom which has set their engineering aside from the type which is available across the huge expanse of cyberspace. This is why ‘Ancient Technology’ seemed a fitting title – the album fuses futuristic and old school drum & bass vibes, whilst also presenting the first ever collaboration between Audiomission and Creatures, as well as the second merging of styles of between Audiomission and Bass Sheriff.

‘Basis of Existence’ from Audiomission and Creatures rolls out on flickering note patterns, tinny percussion and snipped up sample, gradually rolling out into a heavyweight bassline. Jumping back and forth between its shaking subs and brooding distortion, it serves as the perfect introduction. Next comes ‘Precept 57’ from Seyms, with punching drums and crashing, clattering breaks; it’s a track which is siren-like in its explosion. Audiomission and Bass Sheriff’s ‘Switch’ takes on a more driving rhythm, jumping back and forth between every carefully manufactured layer. Subcriminal’s ‘Tetron’ is just as aggressive, fearsome in its disposition whilst its robotic undercurrents pummel you with every drum beat. Beats fly at you from all directions, cutting harder with every wobble of bass. Subcriminal aims to cause the upmost damage with his record, unafraid to go all out with his hard lined production style. And finally, Audiomission makes another appearance with ‘Rock Your Mind’. It’s an unforgiving dancefloor anthem, one that leaves a shocking aftertaste. Stepping through tightly-knit percussion and an intimidating build up, you’re catapulted into chaos. The album doesn’t pull on the brakes from start to finish, and ‘Rock Your Mind’ reiterates that point right until its finishing moment. Gyro Records certainly don’t disappoint with this five-track submission.