DJ Hybrid: Riddim Runner / Dont Watch

DJ Hybrid: Riddim Runner / Dont Watch

Release- June 8th(Juno Exlusive)

Boom 93 Records

Boom 93 is a new label which will focus on the sound of 90's dance music and everything that evolved from that era. For their first release they wanted to take a journey back into the Jungle and revive that original Jungle vibe.

"Our first track 'Riddim Runner' delves right back into the trenches of early Jungle music with an inspired piece that was written from the ravers perspective of underground raves and parties when the emerging scene was still relatively new to most people . It would attract open minded people hoping to hear something they had never heard before, there certainly wasn't sub genre's it was more about the vibe and how it made you feel in the rave when the DJ dropped it. Hybrid has taken an authentic approach to this track with it being reminiscent of one of those rare tracks you may find in a Grooverider Helter Skelter tape pack never to be released or a cheeky white label from your local record shop that only had a few limited copies. Hybrid has also stated that this was the particular sound that made him fall in love with Jungle music in the first place so it was a very enjoyable project to work on.

On the second track 'Don't Watch' Hybrid takes a different approach, inspired by artists such as Special Request and Sully he has incorporated elements of Grime and other underground UK music infused with the original Jungle sound which as you can imagine creates an amazing 'Hybrid' (excuse the pun....) of different styles of UK music. Its very different from most of Hybrid's tracks that you may of heard previously and from what he told us he is already working on a new album which will focus strictly on Jungle music and how versatile the genre it can be.

The revival of Jungle music has begun! it has been slowly creeping up for some time now and is not to be confused with the more modern evolved Ragga Drum & Bass which saw producers like B enny Page and Marcus Visionary strip back certain elements of the Jungle sound and repackage it for a more Drum & Bass orientated audience. We are now seeing producers go back and recapture that original feel that made Jungle music so exciting in the first place, with the likes of Chase & Status and Dillinja also rumoured to be making a come back with many of their new productions reminiscent of the original Jungle sound.We hope you enjoy our latest release and we very much appreciate the support!"

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