Glitch City & Contagion - Brave Boys EP

Glitch City & Contagion - Brave Boys EP

Release Date: 1st November 2021

Label: Amusement Audio

Catalog Number: AMUSE 014

Premier drum & bass label Amusement Audio returns with Brave Boys, a joint EP from label boss Glitch City and Jersey-based producer Contagion. In true Amusement Audio fashion, Brave Boys promises a brain rewiring drum & bass journey, four tracks long and unrelenting in its pursuit of maximum rave energy.

Brave Boys is a weapons-grade drum & bass record. A rising tide of melodic pads and a soaring melody line provide the introductory sounds of EP opener ‘Witchcraft’. They soon give way to crunching synth jolts, eventually joined by rushing percussion lines as the track opens up into a high-speed mix of precise drum lines, blunt-force bass stabs and mangled samples.

‘Brave Boys’ keeps the vigor high with a distorted melody that cuts through the speakers. ‘Diwali’ opens with plucked string lines and crying guitar chords. When the verse hits, it’s screw face energy as Glitch City and Contagion craft a web of basslines armed with a legion of distortion.

‘Smilers’ closes out the release with minimal and techy energy. Built around arpeggiated bass and lightspeed drum programming, this one’s made for forgetting your environment and letting the music guide you.

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