Hannah Eve: My Heart Knows ft Zero T, Vanguard Project + (LP Sampler) [Soul Trader Records]

Hannah Eve: My Heart Knows ft Zero T, Vanguard Project + (LP Sampler) [Soul Trader Records]

Release Date       December 11th 2017

Label                    Soul Trader Records

Cat No                  STRLP004

From the glistening atmospherics of ‘My Heart Knows’, to the tantalising melodies of collaboration ‘Better off Without You’, Hannah Eve’s debut LP presents a full spectrum snapshot into her versatile musicality. ‘My Heart Knows’ is an album which has been anticipated since she first began releasing on Soul Trader Records, an imprint who commit themselves to beautifully woven records that have time and time again pushed them ahead of their counterparts in representing drum & basses vibrant creativity. The ‘My Heart Knows’ sampler is an orchestral rendition of everything that makes the softer sounds her genre possesses such a definitive part of its back catalogue. Alongside some of the most important names to filter through the scene in recent months, Hannah Eve has delivered eight brand new records to open the album’s path towards success.

Leading the LP sampler is title-track ‘My Heart Knows’, with Phil Tangent adding his strung note arpeggios and growling bassline into the mix. It perfectly embodies what Hannah Eve is about as an artist; manufacturing a craftsmanship which not only oozes a delicate substance but also a pioneered sense of innovation. The Zero T remix follows suit, paying more attention to its clinking hi-hats and loose fitting synth, enabling him to add his own dimension to the track’s complex layering. ‘Only You’ brings the Vanguard Project on board for a rolling, drum-heady set of breakdowns which stretch out across a vibrant musical setting. Burgeoning duo Data 3 join Hannah for fresh cut ‘Better Off With You’, moving forward on rattling loops of percussion, rushes of vocal crescendos and a dipping bassline. Ed.it then takes on remix duties for Bcee, Hannah Eve and Drifta’s record ‘Ghost’, a spectral mixture of sonics which push delicately across its composition. ‘Running Away’ which features hotly-tipped outfit GLXY fires with its ingenious song writing, pushing Hannah’s voice overtures to dizzying heights. Command Strange pays homage to Hannah Eve, Satl and Elka’s track ‘Endless Daze’, a metaphorical tale of summer and lost time. And closing the sampler is ‘For Sam’, with Philth driving in his colossal breaks and fearless LFO-punches.

As a package, each track premieres an exciting list of contributors and the aptitude Hannah Eve has at her disposal. If this collection is anything to go by, her profile is soon set to explode, with Soul Trader Records standing at its forefront.

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