Impak: The Truth Is Out There

Impak: The Truth Is Out There

Release- 23rd October

Cause4Concern Recordings

Spanish drum & bass stalwart Impak continues to grace the back catalogues of the genre’s most definitive imprints, providing a snapshot into why he’s become such an essential part of sets in recent months. He returns to Cause4Concern following a succession of releases on its imperative platform, with tastemakers heralding the sonic maestro as an exciting newcomer within its groundbreaking roster. As well as dropping cuts on the likes of Optiv’s seminal Redlight Recordings, Ammunition, Mindtech, Neurofunk Grid, Kosen Production and Meltingpot, he’s about to add another dimension to his expert engineering, stretching its soundscape into yet another section of the 174bpm realm.

Beginning the EP is ‘Fractals’, a full spectrum of the production standard Impak has at his disposal whilst nodding to his intricate layering and intimidating atmospherics. Stepping down the tempo and manifesting a bassline which treads carefully between each twist of metallic percussion, he merges an intricate underpinning to its throbbing skeleton. Impak shows a flagrant versatility with every stab of bass, proving that despite his penchant for neurofunk, he’s able to draw his expertise into a cross-pollination of music which extends itself into the track’s every corner. ‘Infrasound’ pulls you through the EP’s second sound wave, with a more urgent rhythm and hooks which snare themselves to give each of its elements a rugged edge. It points once again to Impak’s colour wheel of production, with the EP flipping through his skill set at a dizzying speed.

‘No Time’ winds up on shaking hi-hats and distorted vocal snippets, with hollowed out drum peddles becoming more and more prominent throughout the mix. After a crashing drop and flipping note arpeggios, ‘No Time’ delivers a kick whilst lending to Impak’s more subdued production prototype. And finally you’re introduced to title-track ‘The Truth is Out There’ featuring Trivision, a hotly tipped artist who’s spent the last twelve months seeping his influence into a plethora of heavyweight releases. Together with Cause4Concern, they unite everything which makes contemporary drum & bass so key within its murkiest clubs, as well as the biggest festival circuits across its European corners. And that’s why the imprint remains on its forefront.

Beatport Exclusive: 9th Oct

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