Insom: Vacuum / Purple Game


Release Date: October 23rd, 2017

Label: Abducted LTD

Catalog Number: ALTD058


Insom is back on Abducted LTD with a strong, dark brooding techstep release that will not want to leave your set for a long time. Proving yet again why he is one of our favorite artists, he always sets his own unique path with his music. 

Side A, Vacuum, is a dirty yet spacey song that has alluring and quirky melodies and FX that all culminate together to give you a feeling like you are riding a rocket through the cosmos. The flip side, Purple Game, takes the same approach but in a bit more of a sinister tinge. Dark basslines, moody atmospheres and driving drums is what you should expect from this one. In a world where people complain that all artists sound the same, Insom strives to continue to be unique and differentiate himself from the pack.



Abducted LTD