Jungle Xplorers Vol.1

Sub-Woofah comes correct with their new 'Jungle Xplorers' Series - the first of many exploring jungle producers - new and existing - from around the globe. 

This month's volume focuses on strictly UK producers - opening with an oldskool vibe from the leading lady herself - Euphonique - with a smooth intro featuring a cheeky vocal from Buju and friends, dropping into carefully sliced breaks over a sub bass - enough to make Big Men Cry.

The next track, by the young 'Omega' entwines a hollow '94 style bassline & rolling amens with Junglist vocals throughout. Erbman steps it up a notch - bringing the funk in typical hustlin' style; steppy beats and serious wobble. Starting off slow - DnB Radio's DJ Ransome and SynthForce build things up to an addictively droning bass line which intensifies as the track goes on and in!

Finally, new and very talented producer Sl8er cools us off with a smooth and delicious break riddled jungle beat nicely entitled - Buckfast At Tiffany's - this EP is sure to take you on one hell of a journey through the jungle!