LYNX: Steel Works / Fathom No 8

Out Now

After a short break, Lynx is back with a brand new release on his imprint Detail recordings. 

'Steel Works' is a track with real tension and drama. Taking influences from where he started out, Lynx and his studio partners in crime, Zero One, take a snapshot from the 90's. When The Prodigy was belting out of every Vauxhall Nova that went past in the street. When upbeat melodies met dirty beats. When it was ok to have a bit of punk with your breakbeats. And crucially, When good vibes in a track left production techniques crying in the gutter, wishing it never reared its ugly head.

'Fathom No 8' is for the thinkers, chin strokers and head nodders. For those that like to search between the layers of sounds for that new element they never noticed before. For those they will get to the bottom of the track and revel in it. For the rest it will be unfathomable. So dnb heads choose your allegiance carefully....