Mean Teeth - ABNORMAL (Remixed)

Release date - 16.10.2017

Official Press Release

Earlier this year the “Abnormal” EP from Mean Teeth was released on Kill Tomorrow. The release was highly successful and pivoted the trio into the next level of the drum&bass game.

Now it is time for the three tracks on the original release to be interpreted and given another twist. First up is KUNG to interpret the title track “Abnormal”. KUNG is known for bringing in the heavy artillery and this time is no different. His remix is highly experimental, yet still, hard hitting and uncompromising. The second track “Give Up” is decoded and reconstructed by rising star Kutlo. This remix starts by luring you into a haze, and when you’re just about ready to give up, it develops into an explosion of weighty beats and hard stabbing bass. The last track “Nomad” is given a complete revamp. HYQXYZ went all in on this remix with his signature sound of moving soundscapes and gnarly deep techy bass. This release is a power pack of huge remixes that is a perfect tribute to the original tracks, and thus a great new installment of that what is, ABNORMAL.

KUNG is already a household name in drum&bass, and has previously been released on prestigious labels such as Critical, Eatbrain, Program, Vandal, Mayan Audio, and many more. He is a forced to be reckoned with. Kutlo is a rising star in the drum&bass game, and despite his young age he has already released with labels such as Renegade Hardware, Mainframe Recordings, Kinetik, Mindtech Recordings, and more. He also played a devastation set at this year's Let It Roll festival.

HYQXYZ is known for his impeccable skills, and has already been released on big labels such as Bad Taste Recordings, Eatbrain, Methlab, Titan Records, and many more. He also recently collaborated with the Mean Teeth trio.

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