Nemean Uncreator EP

Nemean Uncreator EP

Release Date; 28.09.21

Label; Protocode

Cat; PRTCD022

Perth based drum & bass imprint ProtoCode present ‘Uncreator’, the latest EP from their new signing Nemean. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Nemean is an up-and-coming producer who specialises in gritty neurofunk designed to make the body move. With three releases on The Tech Collective under his belt, ‘Uncreator’ is a fine addition to a growing back catalogue, showcasing a producer capable of moulding distorted sonics into certified dancefloor heaters.

Kicking off the EP is the title track ‘Uncreator’. Here, Nemean mixes warping sounds, pummelling rhythm sections and slabs of thick, distorted bass. The result? A mind-bending soundscape, as though each neuron of the brain is transmitting energy into sonic form. ‘Son Of Malice’ opens with macabre pads and a snarling bassline. The latter is expertly placed in the mix, adding depth to the intro’s ominous feeling; as ‘Son Of Malice’ progresses, the track shifts into a melodic riff, with Nemean building hype with intense rhythms that drive the track forward. When the drop hits, it’s all hands on deck: throbbing bass lines hit the ear and mutate, with Nemean sculpting distorted sounds into a heavyweight drum & bass thrill ride.

Warp speed drum patterns define the closing track 'Abaddon', adding intricacy to the tune. Sitting atop of them are pulsating bass lines and interchanging melodies, the combination of sounds only unrelenting in the ethereal build up before the second drop. Ending the EP on an energetic tip and primed for the dancefloor, ‘Abaddon’ is a full-tilt drum & bass banger.

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Posted by Danny Jenk