Neurotoxin - Phoenix E.P.

Neurotoxin - Phoenix E.P.

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Skalator Music

Neurotoxin return to Skalator Music with their 3rd full release on the label - following the single “Ashes / Low Light” and the debut “Vitrification E.P.” - unveiling our 10th release in September 2017, “Phoenix E.P.”

Developing their craft by harnessing different moods and influences to their sound, this Portuguese production duo have an innate understanding of the aesthetics and groove within Drum’n’Bass, unleashing a perfectly balanced E.P. where each musical element complements one another with precise clinical beats and groove infected bass lines. Each track is genuine, straight up dance floor business, merging contrasting styles into a musical journey, paying tribute to the genre’s core principles. Their evolution is notorious on this E.P., cementing Neurotoxin as one of the most prolific acts merging on the Drum’n’Bass scene in Portugal.

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