Nick the Lot - Keep It Burning

Release Date; 26.08.21

Label; Gorilla Warfare

Cat; GW032

The only people more excited than us for Nick The Lot's new EP 'Keep it Burning' is every single DnB raver. Nick the Lot really showcases why he is one of the hottest names in DnB right now with this EP. His tracks are diverse, layered and the production is top tier. The way he can switch up the vibe with such ease in each track is what really sets him apart from the rest.

First up we have Keep it burning is a pure riddim and ride down bass avenue. Melodic and chill, the fumes off this one are stronger than a fat spliff.

Next up is After Party: An ethereal roller, reminiscent of the dancefloors of the 90s. It lifts you up gently then drops you back down with a bang. 'After Party' is the perfect soundtrack for when you're in someone's kitchen at 6AM still getting on it.

Track three is called StoryTeller: Nick the Lot's flip on absolute classic Errol Dunkley's ''Stop Your Lying Gi rl' is a head nodding, aural assault and pure riddim.

Finally the EP ends with a literal gunshot to the face with track 'Gunshots' - which should without a doubt come with a trigger warning. Duck down when you hear this at the dance or risk getting hit in the head with a shoe.

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Posted by Danny Jenk