Release Date: November 12th, 2021
Label: Bassrush Records
Catalog Number: BR127

The unsurpassable DnB slugger REAPER is keeping the flames roaring at off-the-chart levels, as the mask-donning producer sprints out with his fifth single on the Bassrush catalog. His hot streak is burning like wildfire now, as he recruits the always memorable vocal talents of Texas-based sensation Josh Rubin. Feeding into each other’s strengths without missing a step, this unique pairing pulls out all the stops to make a clean getaway into the heart of a raging romance that’s worth leaving the rest of the world behind.

Straight off the blocks, the intensity comes to an instant boil as Rubin’s brooding vocals are delivered with an unwavering conviction. Each word is imbued with sobering sincerity, leaving no shadow of a doubt that true love harnesses the power to push people to the most extreme measures. In this case, it’s to the extent of fleeing one’s former life to escape with a soulmate. REAPER goes the extra mile to reinforce the notion with his grit-infused drive. Faint distortion rides along the fringes of this festival-ready monster, building up the weight of a freight train whose engine is powered by rollicking guitar riffs and growling bottom-end.

REAPER and Josh Rubin hit a concerted stride on their new single “RUNAWAY,” with its appeal to emotion and floor-filling energy giving it the legs to go the distance.

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Posted By: DJ Rsa