Rhymestar feat. North Base - Outta Hand [Mayan Audio]

Rhymestar feat. North Base - Outta Hand [Mayan Audio]

Release Date       OUT NOW

Label                    Mayan Audio

Cat No                  MYN027

2018 sees Rhymestar looking to captivate his audience with new projects and bring in the next wave of his music. Combining his lyrical craft that crosses boundaries from drum and bass, hip hop and grime with the freshest production, it is evident that Rhymestar’s vision to carve a unique sound and to ignite vibrations in modern bass and urban genres is taking shape.

Now Teaming up with Mayan Audio we present Rhymestar - Outta Hand feat. North Base [MYN027]

Receiving support and airplay from BBC Introducing, Rhymestar unleashes hard edged rap with strong influences of UK Grime and alongside North Base who come with their signature DnB badman attitude - Outta Hand is not one to be messed with. Melodically menacing keys spark this explosive track and a build up of cinematic serial killer strings that sets the suspense. Rhymestar introduces a raw unflinching verse depicting the tone of the track. As we near the all important drop the quintessential elements that already have the dial set to fully explode into a fury of reese bass and tight gut wrenching drums that step and stomp around creating the perfect soundscape for Rhymestar’s vocal hits to spit like a semi-automatic weapon.

With a live event campaign in the pipeline, Rhymestar is ready to showcase his progressive genre crossing music to the fore front of the stage!

Posted By Mike Bennnett (fuzzyfeltman) mike@jungledrumadbass.co.uk