SAli - A Few Steps To Insanity EP

SAli - A Few Steps To Insanity EP

Release Date: 12th August 2021

Label: Affliction Audio

Catalog Number: AFA008

SAli, a young Czech producer who has previously released tracks on Empire Recordings, BNC express and Next:Gen Audio has just entered the room with a bang!

A few steps to insanity is both a debut DNB release for the label and a debut ep release for SAli, and what a debut it is!

Each track on the ep embodies one of the four stages of how a person becomes insane, employing rich melodic intro’s with heavy drops that give a nod to some classic characteristics of DnB that we all know and love.

The Story

The mind firstly experiences ‘Confusion’, you create your own reality in your mind and confuse it with real world reality. Then you start hearing voices which are trying to tell you what to do and are playing with your head which ends in a complete ‘Mind funk’. The third step is where it starts to get dangerous, after all you've been through you are now in too deep, you believe everything that your insane mind tells you and you are becoming ‘Paranoid’. The final step is where you completely lose yourself to insanity, and experience the ‘Sweet Madness’.

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