Tom Bones - Uncharted Worlds EP

Tom Bones - Uncharted Worlds EP

Release Date: August 31st, 2021

Label: Youdesy

Catalog: YOU 011

Tom Bones is an emerging artist and his new EP draws inspiration from beyond the galaxy where there are many uncharted worlds. The original composition appeared in the cult video game “Mass Effect” which takes place in 2148 when humanity discovered an alien outpost in Mars which enabled faster-than-light travel across the galaxy. The EP comes with three tracks, the “Original Mix” that perfectly captures the epic space travel vibe, the “Alien Contact Mix” which needless to say is a signature banger from Tom Bones that makes you feel like you are on the frontline in a full scale armed conflict with an unknown enemy. Finally, the “Reprise” version is a perfect musical representation of the epic and infinite universe.

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