Trail: Lady Sorrow / Lobsters & Oysters [Impact Music]

Trail: Lady Sorrow / Lobsters & Oysters [Impact Music]

Release Date       10th November 2017

Label                    Impact Music

Cat No                  IMPCT007

What can be said about Impact Music? They’ve been leading the charge across France’s blossoming drum & bass scene and over a small period of time have come to dominate some of its most pivotal dance music spaces. However, it’s not just France that Impact Music have been seeping their influence through; it’s also the wider European market where artists across the Impact Music roster have been paving their way from corner to corner. And the imprint is here to push their domination even further onto the agenda, with a brand new single from newcomer Trail – a release sure to realign you with the uncompromising music Impact continually sign to their back catalogue.

Based in Tolouse, Trail has been making waves throughout the community but is also beginning to mark his sound further afield, with double-sided output ‘Lady Sorrow / Lobster & Oysters’ being a testament to this. And Trail delivers exactly what you’d expect from an Impact Music release; an uncompromising showcase of talent, managing to cause absolute carnage on dancefloors whilst demonstrating an intimidating show of force. Both artist and label merge to push Impact Music even further under the spotlight.

‘Lady Sorrow’ features a meandering bassline, one which zips and flies between every pattern of shattering bass loops. Trail grinds further and further into an intricately layered mix, underpinned by thumping sub bass and greedy swathes of static. Each stab of sonic goes on to create an intimidating force, one which grows stronger with every well-engineered segment. And on the flipside, comes ‘Lobster & Oysters’, with shaking trails of bass and clicking beat instrumentals, pulling you deep into its tightly-knit composition and allowing you to become fully enveloped in Trail’s heavyweight production standard. Together, they give a perfect snapshot into what Trail means as an artist: powerful minimalism, unstoppable basslines and a tendency to lie on the darker side of the drum & bass spectrum. This is why he’s found the ideal platform with Impact – because they hold the same ethos, proving that with every release.

Beatport Exc: 27th Oct