Xylym - Into the Maelstrom

Xylym - Into the Maelstrom

Release Date: 1st November, 2021

Label: Protocode

Catalog: PRTCD023

After making his first appearance on ProtoCode last year with the thunderous Xeomi and Kaiza team-up “Godlike”, Xylym returns to the Australian label this November for his full-fledged debut: Into the Maelstrom.

Born in Jersey and now based in London, Xylym has steadily made a name for himself in the past few years. Between curating successful club nights on his native island, bagging releases on esteemed labels including Close 2 Death and Neurofunk,what else?, and even landing a coveted guest mix slot on BBC Jersey, it’s clear that he’s on the up.

The Into the Maelstrom EP will surely further solidify his reputation as one of neuro’s brightest new talents. Over the course of three tracks, the gifted DJ and producer deploys an array of characteristically pulverising basslines, boisterous drum programming and brooding atmospherics, weaving captivating melodies into the mix to gripping effect.

Opener and title track “Into the Maelstrom” introduces itself with spiralling piano motifs and pattering half-time rhythms before descending into cinematic chaos, while “La Corbière” – a tribute to Jersey’s idyllic lighthouse – pairs buzzing, distorted arpeggios with resonant basslines and scratchy impacts, careening into epic, jagged crescendos littered with bustling breakbeats. Wrapping things up is the hallowed “Unlimited”, which fuses sci-fi robotics, maniacal laughs and eerie sing-song vocals into a vicious drum and bass number,
peaking with brutal crescendos to leave a lasting impression.

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