Zerosum: Cochise

Zerosum: Cochise

Release- 23rd October

Lockdown Recordings

Over the past few years, there’s been a resurgence of artist lead independents which are once again setting industry standards. One of those imprints is Lockdown Recordings, the UK based drum & bass label who have strived to find the best up and coming talent to showcase across their blossoming discography. Zerosum joins the likes of Locksem, Resonate, Ill Truth, Superior Selectionz, Trex, Cybin and more within the Lockdown Recordings roster for its next release, proving once again that the label has an eye for an exciting new breed of producer, proving a capacity to sift through the sheer amount of music which lands into their inbox whilst picking out the most promising prospects.

Zerosum begins as he means to go on with first track ‘Cortex’, slicing through each carefully put-together layer of sonic and delivering punch after punch of driving drum patterns. The track rolls out on terrestrial atmospherics, before clattering breaks begin to sift their way through the mix, allowing you to fall effortlessly into a rhythm which begins to shake imposingly under a heavyweight bassline. For an artist whose only just beginning to his mark within dance music, even the EP’s introduction sets a high-arching standard.

Next up, ‘Alienated’ follows a similar path, winding to and fro between colossal breakdowns and a straight-edged, old-school sounding groove. Zerosum lets you know that he’s an artist who stays true to his roots, whilst also exploring the world drum & bass offers. Title-track ‘Cochise’ is just as aggravated and unforgiving, following a path which twists and turns amongst a sea of clattering percussive and metallic undertones, rising and falling between every pitched bass note. Finishing the EP is ‘Let Go’, a track which encapsulates the entire EP and leaves you feeling its intense, ruminating power. Again, there’s an undercurrent of the genre’s ancestry flowing throughout its presence, but each layered synth pulls you into its more ethereal feel. Vocals help give ‘Let Go’ a lighter touch, however the moody levels of bass take you to a different plane. Zerosum certainly brings the heat and it’s a flame which can be felt from beginning to end.

Juno Excusive: 16th Oct

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